Sunny Queen Egg Stickers History

Okay, even though I am setting up this website it doesn't make me an expert on the history of Sunny Queen Egg Stickers. I will discuss here some information that I can recall and have picked up along the way but I a will be very grateful for further information and clarification or correction on the information I have put up. Please let me know. EMAIL

The majority of Egg stickers (All the good ones) were drawn by WEG (William Ellis Green: 12/08/1923 - 29/12 2008) You can see his signature on the egg stickers somewhere. His well known for his AFL Football Charactures. More of his work is available to be seen and bought at (The below image of him is from the Wegart website)

Links about William Ellis Green (WEG):,,24852010-2862,00.html

The 6 series of egg stickers mainly featured on this site are the ones that I can remember collecting in about grade 5. There are other ones which I know little about and would love to find out more. They are listed on the Other Stuff page. The majority of these came out in 1978.