Welcome to the only home of the
Sunny Queen Egg Stickers.
Egg stickers, if you don't know, are paper, wet and stick, stickers that came in Sunny Queen Egg cartons in the late 1970s. They came in various series' and had different themes like, Stars of TV, "I'm a..." Eggs, Leggends of the West, Eggventures on the High Seas, Famous Eggs and the Eggle Family. Most of these were drawn by leggendary cartoonist William Ellis Green (WEG) who sadly passed away 29 December 2008.

If you are about 54 years of age and you grew up in South East Queensland, you probably had some of these as a child. We used to madly swap, buy and sell these at school, trying to collect the whole set. If this brings back memories, then you are in the right place.
Well in 2008, nearly 30 years on I found a photo album with the collection of I'm a... egg stickers and I decided that I was going to collect them all - again. I searched the internet looking for information and pretty much found nothing on them. So here we are with what is the only website dedicated to Sunny Queen Egg Stickers. (Besides our Facebook page)
If you click on the links above you can see all the different series. If you have some and you want them to go to a good home please get in contact. If you need some to complete your collections hit me up as well. 
I put this site together in June 2009. If you have any suggestions (Besides get a life!) please let me know.